Online businesses all want their visitors to convert, but some still experience conversion issues. You may be stuck as to how to fix these website conversion issues. Here are some common problems and how to fix them for better website conversion.

Most Common Website Conversion Problems

Checkout Issues

If it’s hard to checkout, the visitor will give up, and your business loses money. Paying should be quick and as easy as possible. One easy remedy is Google Address Lookup, which can save the user time filling out multiple address lines and avoid shipping errors from typing mistakes.

Clunky Search Function

The website search function should accurately handle searches that aren’t directly related to a product’s title. Speed is critical. If the search takes too long, the visitor may go elsewhere for a better experience. Try using a rich JavaScript overlay to speed it up.

Abandoned Carts

Many businesses only send one abandoned cart email. You should be sending three minimum – once after an hour, another after 24 hours, then another after 48 hours. Customer service should call the customer if it’s a high-value cart. An exit popup can convince customers to finish the transaction. It would be best if you had remarketing target audiences in place on both Facebook and Google, as well as a Facebook Messenger abandoned cart series.

Vague Product Pages

Today’s customers want accurate and complete information on product pages, including the cost of shipping, supplement facts, or an ingredient list. Take feedback from customers, so you know what to improve.

Not Enough Focus on the Customer

Most businesses focus on themselves too much. Ask your customers, through phone, email, or messaging, what they would like to see that would make them convert more. You can tweak your website all day long, but your customers are what’s important.

Playing the Short Game

Many businesses set up their website once and then never tweak it again. Be on the lookout for potential problems or roadblocks in website conversion. If your website becomes too slow, think about upgrading it. If you see a gap, think about what you can do to fill it, perhaps with some app or extension. Never settle because it’s never perfect.

A/B Test Your A/B Tests

Before creating assets or writing a program for an A/B test, try writing it out on paper first and show it to friends and colleagues. Do they understand it within 30 seconds, or does their lack of context make it confusing? Make it as easy as possible for a new visitor to know what you’re trying to say and sell.


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