Many companies use Google Ads for fast, widespread, and easy advertising. Still, as with any marketing material, if the ads aren’t distributed or created effectively, they won’t do their job. For Google AdWords to work, it needs to be done right. That means avoiding common mistakes that companies and businesses make when they half-baked their Google Ads marketing.

Mistakes Using Google Ads

Choosing Keywords

One common mistake with these ad campaigns is too many keywords. There’s nothing wrong with SEO, of course, but when multiple keywords are jammed together, it can confuse the algorithms. It’s even worse to use vague keywords. For example, use “cardiologist” as a keyword instead of “doctor.” It doesn’t matter how widespread an ad is if the keywords don’t work.

Keyword Matching

Similar to the keyword issue is the matter of keyword matching. Some people are tempted to use broad matching like previously noted to get as many views or clicks as possible. The problem with that is broad matching is far too vague to distribute advertisements effectively. For example, ads for a doctor that fails to note a specialty will get all manner of people, from those with allergies to people wanting a physical.

Number of Google AdWords

To help spread the word with fewer, more specific Google AdWords, utilize more ads per group. Some businesses use just one ad per group, either as a cost-saving measure or to remain focused. Generally, several ads per group are better. Of course, that only works if the ads are effective. Generic ads are a waste of time and money. For ads to do their job, keywords and material must be arranged to grab attention and get the reader interested.

Captivating Ads

Rather than making their ads intriguing, some companies instead combine their display and search ads. Unfortunately, that trick is a gimmick to make Google more money and doesn’t work for the business. Display ads and search ads should be separate. Both types of ads require different content to be effective, and so they should be created, distributed, and treated differently.

Google AdWords can work for businesses and companies to spread the word and draw in customers, but only if the ads are effective. Many people make mistakes with Google Ads, and avoiding those will make Google-based marketing campaigns much more useful than they would be otherwise. The strength of keywords should not be ignored.


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