The foremost consideration to be made when creating ad copy for Google AdWords is the target audience. After all, that’s who the business needs to attract as clients. Therefore, if the ad copy is clear and concise, the effectiveness of the ad is bound to be high.

Google AdWords: Crafting Copy

Crafting ad copy should be determined by Google AdWords best practices and the human element in equal measure. Ad copy should consider every step from the initial query to the landing page, taking the potential customer journey into account.

Strategic Keyword Placement

Keywords should match the search queries. Whenever ad copy matches a searcher’s keywords, they are more likely to interact with the ad. Keyword placement is not an exact science, so running control tests is sometimes essential to determine what arrangement has the most promising outcome. Using keywords in H1 is always an excellent place to start. Placing keywords in the ad descriptions is a viable alternative.

Always Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Include the desired action from the target audience in the ad copy. That is the purpose of the ad. Whether making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or leaving some feedback, it is vital to direct the viewers on some action. This way, viewers not interested in the purpose of your ad will not click, saving you on click costs.

Maintain Consistency between the CTA and Landing Page

Inconsistency is an easy and probable way of losing all leads received from a Google AdWords campaign. When an ad is clicked, the visitor always has expectations of what they will find on the landing page. If those expectations are not met, the visitor’s journey is bound to come to an abrupt end. For example, if the CTA is a purchase, the landing page should have the ‘Buy’ button ready to be clicked.

Review the Ad Copy from the Customer’s Perspective

It is essential to review ad copy from a fresh perspective or with a different set of eyes. For example, is the language on the ad appealing? Would the creator of the ad copy be intrigued by it? Is there a flow to the text in the copy, or is it just a bunch of keywords? Does the landing page line up with the ad? When these questions are answered, it is easy to know whether the Google AdWords copy will work or not.


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