Marketing can be a tricky prospect. No matter how it’s done, advertising engagement is vital for growth, especially for upcoming businesses. Still, paid marketing can get expensive quickly. The advertising budget can disappear rapidly between creating the ads and handling the paid campaigns on websites. Considering such costs, some company owners try to get by with free organic growth and no paid marketing. While organic growth from digital and physical word of mouth can prove useful, it also tends to take time.

Organic Growth

One way to help organic growth is through Search Engine Optimization. SEO isn’t as easy as just using keywords, but any business can use it without breaking the budget when done right.

Another way to build traffic for free is to use links. Link building is best done in conjunction with SEO, so the two organic advertising methods work very well together if they are done right.

Of course, going it alone can be risky. Seeking similar businesses to collaborate with can help get the word out to future customers. This method can take some additional effort, but it costs nothing and can spread the word.

Finally, there are social media. How effective organic growth or paid advertising on such sites can vary widely depending on the business and material. That said, it costs nothing to post on Facebook or Instagram, and with the right site, potential growth can be achieved. These sites are places for collaboration as well, such as guest posting.

Organic growth is doable with the above methods, but they have their limits. How far they can reach, and their slow growth speed is the most significant shortcomings of organic growth. That said, it can work. It just takes time.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising costs money, obviously, but it has further reach and often generates faster results. The two advertising engagement methods work best when done at the same time. How one emphasizes paid or free advertising depends mainly on the budget, but the two best work together.

SEO and link-based advertising are beneficial when combined with paid advertising. By utilizing such methods, results are likely to increase and generate further business or views. The key with both forms of marketing is getting them to work together, not just to save money but to create the best results possible.


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