Business marketing can be an involved and inconsistent process. Between all the produced material, numbers to review, and sheer effort that can be involved, some might wonder if intensive marketing work is worth the effort. One central question people might have about their marketing is if they should focus their advertising resources on Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click.

Advertising Methods

To ensure the best reach with advertising, and thus the most customers, marketing in both fields is usually the way to move forward. Both advertising methods have their pros and cons, and both can complement each other to make up for gaps where one field is lacking.

Regardless of the focus of an advertising campaign, it’s crucial to plan to help direct budgeting and resource allocation. Understanding the field or industry and company goals can help determine strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is excellent for generating views and leads organically with minimal long term effort. PPC allows for nearly instant engagement and results between customer and company. Generally, SEO is better for long term advertising, while PPC is better for short term advertising. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and work very well together to cover several different avenues of marketing.

To succeed, SEO can take time. It also requires a bit of investment due to the time involved, which can mean additional costs. PPC is quicker but has other associated costs. People looking through web searches for SEO are free, but ads and ad placement costs money. Of course, the ads also have a price, but so does SEO content. SEO is a more constant factor online than ads, as it is organically looked for, whereas ads need to be found and clicked.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

To ensure the broadest possible reach for any company’s advertising campaign, both SEO and PPC should be utilized. This method allows for short-term and long-term attention to be directed toward generating more views and clicks.

SEO is excellent for extended, lower-cost marketing strategies, while PPC is ideal for fast-paced campaigns. PPC has more costs associated with it, however, and it’s the best chance for results is when the ads are viewed and clicked. Still, a comprehensive advertising campaign uses both to reach the most potential customers possible. If done right, most budgets can accommodate both an SEO and PPC strategy for the best results.


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