More and more, automation is taking over jobs and tasks formerly handled by people. While this trend is unfortunate for some, the benefits, for many, often outweigh the downsides. Reduced labor costs and faster production are strong inducements to automate. Not every business can do that, however. For some, it’s the cost of transition, while others don’t want to remove the human touch from their operations.

Website Conversion Strategy

One field that must carefully toe the line between automation and humanity is eCommerce. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses shifted to online business, either partially or entirely, to stay afloat. Greater reliance on internet-based sales means less need for employees. With companies looking for website conversion to better handle eCommerce, there’s already the loss of the personal touch.

The Personal Touch

Many people buying online don’t care much about human interaction, and in fact, may be looking to avoid it. Still, little touches can add a bit of humanity back into eCommerce without bothering customers who would rather not deal with people. Actual people, meanwhile, can handle chats, messages, or phone services to deal with inquiries quickly. Some companies prefer to use chatbots to automate their eCommerce further, but chatbots cannot answer all customer inquiries, and many consumers find them quite irritating.

People responding right away to customer queries and problems are always an excellent boost for customer retention, interaction, and public relations. On the other side of the coin, streamlining the eCommerce site for the shoppers can help improve speed and interactivity without involving too many people.

Automation’s Best Use

Ideally, automation should handle the simple everyday tasks of an eCommerce company. At the same time, people should focus on delivery fulfillment, customer service, and other such features where having a decision-making person handy is a good idea. Another benefit of automation is the synchronization of various aspects of the business. With human oversight, such automation consolidation can improve production and support time and help reduce costs.

Balancing Automation & People

The line between automation and humanity is a careful one that many companies have difficulty balancing. This balance is essential for businesses that have switched to eCommerce to survive the pandemic. Whether wholly or in part, a human touch needs to be included for those who desire it, while automated interaction is a choice for those who prefer to avoid people when dealing with online efforts. It is a delicate balance, but one that can pay off if handled correctly.


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