Just what it sounds like – cost per click (CPC) is how much you are charged for each click or view of your ads. It’s one of the foremost metrics that determine whether or not you’ll have a significant rate of return (ROI) for your paid campaigns.

Maybe you’re just learning the basics of home services PPC (pay per click) marketing and testing your ad campaigns. Well, you’ll need to give equal attention to CPC and optimize it for profitability.

Cost Per Click- What You Need To Know

Earlier, we stated that CPC is the actual amount you pay for each click on your PPC ads (based on the keyword you’ve targeted and are willing to bid on). Keep in mind that your set price for clicks will affect various aspects of the performance of your campaign, such as:

  • The number of times your ad appears and how visible it is on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
  • The number of clicks you receive for your specific budget
  • The profit you’ll generate and the return on ad spend of your ad campaign.

Why CPC is an Essential Metric of Home Services PPC Marketing?

The general rule of thumb is each time you lower the budget for your bids – your ads will appear on SERPs less frequently. But when your offers are high enough, you’ll increase the chances of high ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

How Will You Know the Cost Per Click for a Keyword?

What keywords do you want to target for your PPC marketing? Maybe it’s “homeowners in Seattle.” Using a keywords research tool, you’ll find the average CPC on your preferred keyword. Then, you can decide to increase your CPC budget to ensure your ads enjoy more visibility on the search engine results page and appear more frequently.

Tried And True Ways To Optimize Your CPC

  • Increase the relevance of your ads by using very specific/targeted ad groups while setting up your campaign
  • Locate long-tail keywords and bid on them. They mostly have low competition and a high conversion rate.
  • Boost your quality score. If your landing page experience, ads, and keywords are relevant to the users, your quality score is sure to improve.
  • Leverage ad scheduling. Drive quality traffic and improve conversion- schedule your ads such that they’ll only show up when your targeted audience is most active and likely to convert.
  • Use geo-targeting. In this case, you’re targeting specific locations for your home services PPC marketing, and if there are not enough conversions, you can modify your ads to target a different area.


Do you have a challenge running a high converting home services PPC marketing? It could be that you need to optimize your CPC, and Stickyleads can help. We have what it takes to improve your return on ad spend. Contact us at 757-390-0748.