The impact of the Covid19 pandemic on businesses is one that almost no one saw coming. As with previous pandemics, the effects seemed to have favored some companies while leaving others relying on their ability to adapt. For instance, in 2020, there was a sudden surge in demand for voice and video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Skype. Online shopping also grew because most people were “locked” inside their homes.

Advertising Budgets

In projecting what the marketing budget post-covid would be like for businesses, we can reflect on how advertising evolved after the close of previous pandemics. While we cannot use that as a yardstick for the present Covid19 pandemic, one thing is sure: advertisers need to embrace digital services and find new ways to engage with the public.

The good news is that everything is already indicating that this economic slump will be short-lived. We will be back to normal and performing better than before soon.

The Personal Approach

One of the approaches that we are already witnessing is from an emotional and emphatic messaging standpoint. We’ve seen advertisers emphasize the “we are all in this together” approach to give people a sense of belonging and oneness despite the social distancing rule.

Customers are also responding to personal and organic content on social media, and for advertisers that are deploying this approach consistently in these times, the results are evident.

According to a LinkedIn report, during the Great Recession in 2008, customers responded better to advertising efforts that reflected a helpful and community development mindset. This sympathetic approach always seems to win the hearts of many customers, especially when it’s backed up by resources to promote charity, public health, and other sensitive areas that involve people. Therefore, there’s a high chance that this data will influence marketing budgets post-covid.

Other Directions Marketing Budget is Likely to Head For Post-Covid

Some newer advertising platforms were easily adaptable to the problems presented by the Covid19 pandemic, but sadly, older forms of advertising like billboards and TV saw a decline of up to 33%.

A LinkedIn report revealed that search advertising grew by a whopping 34%, while organic social content took an upward turn of about 56%. Online video grew by 44%, and to crown it, all marketers who attested to an investment in webinars recorded up to 67% exponential growth.

Continued Growth

Hence, it’s no surprise at all that there’s still a projection for more growth of Ad spend in 2021, and traditional marketing might have to give way to digital marketing, more than we’ve ever seen before.


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