Let’s face it – in the fast-paced world of business, you have a limited amount of time to convince someone to make a purchase, and, on the Internet, the competition is fierce. Landing pages, ad design, & creative content all need to come together to impact the reader, but they often fail to do just that. Usually, this is because of a range of issues, including failure to inform, explain, convince, or solve a particular problem the customer is having. Landing pages, in particular, have fallen into the trap of utilizing keyword-heavy language, lingo-filled descriptions, and other powerful SEO tactics that fail to do the primary task of selling the product in question.

Gone are the days of using the right keywords and placing ads on the best target phrases; now, we’re back to good, old-fashioned marketing prowess. We have four suggestions to consider to help you hone your skills and write improved landing page copy in 2021.

Ad Design & Creative Content

Tell a Story

When people arrive at your landing page, what do they find? Is it a laundry list of benefits? A detailed accounting of what you will and won’t do for the customer and at what price? A keyword-heavy mass of text meant to bring in Google, but after that, who knows?

The best landing pages tell stories. Why? Because the products that matter to consumers help them solve life issues, achieve goals, or bring them joy. In other words, there’s always a story. So whether it is the success others have with the product or how effective it is at achieving a specific objective, you need to outline your landing page with a narrative that makes the reader intrigued and compels them to read the rest and complete the desired action.

Ditch Lingo

Lingo is excellent for establishing a rapport within a marketing cohort; outside of that, it is isolating and off-putting for people not in the know. The problem with jargon is that SEO tends to favor it, and that’s an issue since most consumers either don’t know it or, if they do, aren’t using those terms in searches. Therefore, you need to keep your audience in mind when crafting your text.

If a lingo-heavy, jargon-ridden piece makes sense, it is likely directed to a group of people familiar with your company and products. For the rest of the world, employ a universal approach that weaves in keywords, slang, and natural speech in an effective way that illuminates and gives the customer actionable information about the product or service.

Use Numbers and Evidence

For some people, a compelling story is enough. For others, cold, hard numbers speak volumes. If you can effectively use numbers on your landing page to tell a compelling story and outline why the reader should perform the desired action, you would be remiss if you left these figures out of your text. Anecdotal evidence is significant, but numbers are proof positive of whatever the landing page is selling.

Action Words and Phrases

Don’t forget to utilize actions words and phrases such as calls to action to prompt your reader to sign up, buy, or otherwise complete a task. Unfortunately, when crafting an SEO landing page, calls to action can sometimes get lost in the noise. The words and phrases should not only prepare the reader mentally to do something but also underpin the benefits you’ve outlined in the landing page itself.


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