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Designing Great Ads

At StickyLeads, we design compelling ads that create revenue opportunities. We take the time to understand your business and the voice of your customers, allowing us to create ads that drive relevant buyers to action. Our team of creatives and designers work together to create ads that clearly identify the product or service you are selling. Most importantly, we write about what sets you apart from the competition and we produce a call-to-action that is designed to generate the right kind of lead. Our ads are optimized for industry, platform, format, and target market – resulting in an enjoyable customer experience.

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When you look at a new design – yes, no, and WOW! - Milton Glaser

Stunning Imagery

Compelling visuals can result in significantly better ad performance. The right imagery will grab the reader’s attention, convey the right brand experience for your product or service, and provoke an emotional response. Imagery is optimized for each ad format as well as the platform on which your ad runs. Some platforms also support animated ad design, a compelling way to catch your customers’ attention.

Compelling Creative

The creative team at StickyLeads produces compelling copy that sells. Like a personal conversation with your target market, we write copy that makes a direct one-on-one appeal to your customer. Depending on the ad format, we create both short- and long-form copy that tells a unique story while overcoming objections that customers may raise. By taking the time to intimately understand your ideal customer or client, we produce copy that speaks to your customers’ problems and compels action. We optimize the copy we generate based on market demographics and advertising channel and constantly refine copy to ensure optimal ad performance.

Multi-Channel Approach

StickyLeads creates ads not just for the audience, but for the arena. We use a variety of ad channels simultaneously and we optimize your ads for each one. For example, while Facebook Ads rely heavily on images, an AdWords campaigns only use copy. Each ad is fine-tuned for high performance on its native channel.

Iterative Performance

At StickyLeads, we put our compelling and actionable ads to the test. We monitor a variety of metrics including ad timing, frequency, content layout, media format, and call-to-action variants. We use split testing to consistently measure and incrementally improve your campaign’s performance. How consistently? Daily. It takes a constant attention-to-detail to produce exceptional results.

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