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Display Ads are a part of Google’s AdWords platform. Unlike Search Ads, which appear on the search results page, Display Ads appear on a network of more than 2 million websites and in over 650,000 mobile apps. At StickyLeads, we are experts at creating and managing Display Ad campaigns that maximize our clients’ ROI and generate real opportunities. In addition, our sophisticated retargeting techniques deliver display ads to website visitors who have visited your site without making a purchase. As internet users browse the web or use apps, your brand, service, and/or product is presented for their enjoyment. A great ad is relevant and fun, not a nuisance.


Google’s Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites!

Eye-Catching Design

To some extent, Display Ads rely on distraction, as they are delivered to consumers after they have left your site and moved on to other things. As a result, display ads need to be noticeable and provide relevant information quickly. We design ads that standout by making the right kind of appeal necessary to generate interest.

Delivering Targeted Ads

A well-designed and eye-catching ad won’t be effective if it is delivered to people who aren’t interested in what you are selling. At StickyLeads, our team targets consumers based on their interests and a wide variety of demographic factors including age, income, marital status, and zip code.

Optimizing Ad Performance

At StickyLeads, we take the initiative to ensure that our ads are optimized before and during your campaign using A/B testing and iteration. Our efforts do not stop after ad deployment either. We continually monitor a number of important metrics to determine ad performance and continually revise our strategies to deliver ads to the most receptive audience.

Display Ads Success

Display Ads are an excellent way to get your brand, product, or service in front of consumers who are most likely to become customers. The Google AdWords platform is a sophisticated tool that requires specialized knowledge and constant monitoring to use effectively. At StickyLeads, our talented team of creatives and designers understand what makes Display Ad campaigns work and are dedicated to refining our methods to maximize spend efficiency. To learn more about our innovative system, ask us for a free consultation.

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