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Counting Leads

At StickyLeads, we count leads first. While clicks, impressions, and call volumes are important, qualified revenue opportunities is the metric that matters most. We are committed to sharing actionable data to help our clients understand exactly how many qualified leads we are generating. When you account for average deal value, conversion rate, and cost per lead, only then can you form a true picture of your campaign’s ROI. Further, we make it easy to monitor and manage ad campaigns over a variety of platforms, including AdWords, Facebook, Mobile Ads, Display Ads, retargeting, and more.

The future of marketing will be data-driven.

Google Tools

Google tools generate sophisticated information that can be useful to businesses running campaigns of any size. The team at StickyLeads are experts in all things Google, from AdWords to Analytics to Search Console. We feed AdWords to Analytics data into our platform, allowing us to take advantage of advanced retargeting and remarketing methods. Analyzing the behavior of users who clicked your ad allows us to not only optimize targeting and ad creation, but also to iteratively improve the user experience on your site. Conversion rates increase as we learn how to make a more enjoyable experience for interested buyers.

Conversion Attribution

Insights into the origin of a conversion event helps businesses better target their ads to customers most likely to make a purchasing decision. At StickyLeads, we use attribution techniques including site analytics and keyword tracing to identify the highest performing keywords for your business. This gives us the ability to continually increase ROI.

Conversion Tracking

Not only do we track the origin of a conversion through attribution – we track what happens once a lead lands on your site. Using sales call monitoring and transcription, form submission analysis, chat history tracking, and of course site analytics, we can constantly refine ads, keywords, and campaign strategy to maximize your budget.

StickyLeads Dashboard

StickyLeads has developed a propriety platform that allows our clients to obtain insights into the performance of their ad campaigns. Rather than managing multiple logins and management portals that are often unintuitive, our clients can track the performance of multiple campaigns in a single location. We are committed to ensuring that our clients know exactly how much each qualified lead costs. This provides a clear picture of campaign ROI. To learn about how we can drive more leads to your business and streamline your campaign management efforts, we’re happy to provide a demo of our platform.

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