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Target Market Analysis

One of the keys to a successful digital ad campaign is a thorough and exhaustive target market analysis. At StickyLeads, we are experts in identifying a business’s target market and creating ads that drive consumer action. In addition, we target our clients’ ads with traditional parameters – like geography and demographics – but we go further with more semantic attributes like personal interests and behavioral characteristics. We effectively manage a variety of ad types, including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Product Listing Ads, Display Ads, and Mobile Ads. By conducting a thorough target market analysis, we can ensure that our clients maximize their advertising ROI.

Knowing your audience is the Key to Success.

Search Patterns

Consumer behavior is not random. We identify patterns in search queries that can help the ads we manage perform better. These patterns exist over a variety of parameters, including geographic location, educational level, occupation, industry, and more. By identifying these patterns, we can create ad campaigns that target consumers with even greater precision.


Digital advertising gives businesses the ability to target specific industries with tremendous accuracy. Whether you are targeting B2B customers in a certain industry or consumers who work in a certain industry, StickyLeads understands how to create and manage ad campaigns that target people based on industry-specific search habits.


For many businesses, geographic targeting is an essential part of a successful ad campaign. If you run a local service-based business or sell products within a specific geographic area, advertising out of that area is a waste of money. The team at StickyLeads knows how to target geographic areas in every way imaginable, down to the zip code.


At StickyLeads, we know how to target ads across various demographic characteristics, ensuring that your ads only appear for people who fit your ideal customer profile. We can narrowly tailor ads to appear for people of a specific age, gender, parental status, and household income, ensuring that your advertising dollars are invested properly.

The Perfect Buyer

StickyLeads’ platform allows our clients to find the perfect buyer of their products or services. We use our advanced targeting techniques and deep insights into ad performance and consumer behavior – all gleaned from our intelligent analytics and reporting tools. We dedicate significant time and resources to analyzing each client’s unique business. By targeting potential customers using our expertise and considerable experience in your specific industry, we’re able to design our client’s campaigns to find and convert the perfect buyer.

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