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At StickyLeads, we understand how to design effective product ads. Consumers often want to see a product before they buy it. Product Listing Ads, also known as Shopping Ads, are a specific type of ad that runs on Google’s AdWords platform. Unlike a basic AdWords ad, they include a photo, tile, price, store name, and other information that is relevant to consumers. Our AdWords experts know how to design Product Listing Ads that drive consumer action and use advanced targeting methods to deliver them to consumers who are looking for the products you are selling.

Google Shopping consistently generates the most traffic and profit for online sellers.

Effective product ads use a combination of images and text in order to drive customer action. At StickyLeads, we design Product Listing Ads that are optimized to your product, your customers, and that are consistent with your brand. All of our ads are consistent with AdWords’ best practices and consistently receive high Quality Scores.

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Product Listing Ads are an excellent way to connect with consumers who are actively searching for the products you sell. The AdWords platform allows advertisers to create compelling ads that are prominently displayed on the search results page. We target the ads with pinpoint accuracy across a variety of demographic factors that influence consumer behavior. StickyLeads’ expert team creates and manages Product Listing Ad campaigns that are effective, eye-catching, and ROI focused, all the while accurately reflecting your brand. Let StickyLeads turn your Product Listing Ad clicks into net-new revenues.

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