StickySmart Pricing


Monthly Lead Generation Spend: $5,000+


per month plus lead spend

  • 24/7 Live Chat Service
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Monitoring & Transcription
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Monthly Report & Review
  • 1 Free Facebook Campaign


Monthly Lead Generation Spend: $10,000+


per month plus lead spend

  • Pilot Package Included - Plus:
  • Exit Chat
  • Retargeting Ad Design
  • Animated Ads (1)
  • Reputation Management
  • Review Monitoring
  • Bi-Weekly Report & Review
  • Facebook Advertising (per bdgt.)


Monthly Lead Generation Spend: $20,000+


per month plus lead spend

  • Growth Package Included – Plus:
  • Dedicated Campaign Analyst
  • Weather Algorithm
  • Animation Ads (2)
  • Creative Ad Design
  • Review Consultation
  • Weekly Report & Review
Lead Generation Spend$5,000+$10,000+$20,000+
Monthly Strategy Fee20%15%13%
Market Analysis (One Time)$399$399$399
Client Onboarding Fee (One Time)$499$999$1,500
Website Review & Ongoing Consulting for Campaign Success
A Complete Analysis of Your PPC Advertising History If Applicable If Applicable If Applicable
Set Initial Expectations and Specific Goals
Campaign Optimization, Highly Structured and Targeted campaigns
Perform a Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection
Build and Implement a Comprehensive Negative Keyword List
Proper Keyword Categorization, Matching Options and AdGroup Development
Creative & Effective Ad Copy – Multiple Ads Per AdGroup for Testing
Landing Page Optimization Suggestion
Lead Matrix Landing Page* Additional Additional Additional
Call To Action (CTA) Optimization Suggestion
Ad Scheduling and Geographical Targeting
Retargeting Ads
Mobile Ads & Bid Optimization
Conversion Tracking & Remarketing Code Installation
Call Tracking Installation
Call Monitoring and Transcription
Facebook Campaign Setup & Creative
24/7 Live Chat Setup and Installation
24/7 Exit Chat
Animated Banner Creation/Designing*
Reputation Management
Review Monitoring
Review Consultation
Ongoing PPC Strategy Development
Continual Bid & Position Monitoring to Achieve Desired Results
Ongoing Keyword Performance Analysis, Additions & Deletions
Ongoing Competitors Tracking with Auction Analysis
Ongoing Ad Copy Analysis and Testing
Continued Conversion Tracking Analysis
Work to Increase Higher Conversion Rates, Higher CTR, and Quality Scores
Competitor Tracking, Research and Benchmarking
Work to lower CPA (cost per acquisition)
Dedicated Campaign Analyst
Weather Algorithm
Monthly Reporting
Bi-weekly Reporting
Weekly Reporting
Cost Per Lead | Conversion Rate | Calls | Chats | Forms | Lost Opportunity
*Whichever is higher


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How Do You Know It Works?
The StickySmart Pro Bundle generates the best qualified leads by leveraging the right combination of digital platforms and targeting to find customers looking for you. We know where and when to invest your money to get the best ROI. We’ll earn your business and your trust. Plus we’ll benchmark a cost per lead that you like, then beat it. Clients love that.
How Much Does It Cost?
Each client has a different budget recommendation based on a variety of factors. The most important elements are a client’s service area (geography) and their products/services being offered. The StickyLeads team makes a great effort toward each client’s market research, audience development, and keyword research. This way we can be sure that our budgetary recommendation is based off facts, not speculation.
Do clients pay a monthly service fee?
Absolutely not. We charge one monthly price for your paid search program. We ask for a 90-day ramp-up period and then our service is completely month-to-month. Yes, our clients work with us on a month to month basis. We don’t believe in long term contracts. Clients may pause their campaigns at any moment if they are not satisfied with the results.
Is There Any Guarantee?
Results of a campaign cannot be guaranteed. We will do everything in our power to earn and maintain your business, but because our campaigns rely on market performance we can’t make any guarantees.