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Innovative Retargeting

Ever been shopping online before and you notice that for the next few days, ads of the site you visited are everywhere you go? This is Retargeting. Since only 2 percent of website traffic results in a conversion, Retargeting is a powerful and cost-effective way to continue a dialogue with the other 98% of customers who visit your site without taking action. Retargeting involves dropping a bit of code (a “cookie”) onto your website visitors’ browsers, allowing you to deliver targeted ads to people after they have navigated away from your site. This type of advertising can increase online sales by targeting users who have expressed an interest in you by keeping your brand top of mind.

With StickyLeads’ innovative retargeting program, we take it a few steps further. We don’t simply retarget visitors – we take them on a journey that is designed to turn website viewers into qualified leads.


Leave a website without taking the desired business action, such as making a purchase, filling out a lead form, downloading software, and so on.


The Review

88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. After a potential customer has left your site, we start our retargeting program by delivering a display ad that features a Google review. We rotate the review that is displayed so that your future customer sees your product or service paired with different positive reviews each time the ad is served.


Product or Service Specific-Ads

Next, we deliver an ad that highlights the specific product or service that a visitor expressed interest in. This reminds the customer of exactly what they were looking for and keeps your brand front and center as they browse the web.


The Offer

Finally, if the website visitor does not take action after reading positive reviews and being reminded about the product or service they were considering, we deliver an ad highlighting a sale or promotion. The offer gives them a reason to come back to your site and act if they felt a more compelling reason was needed.

Branding Integration

Our retargeting creative is designed with your existing branding in mind, ensuring that visitors to your site recognize your business and have a consistent experience with each interaction. We can take any print or TV ads that you are running and design retargeting ads that are stylistically consistent and feature the same promotions if desired.

Retargeting Segmentation

We use audience segmentation to deliver ads that are specific to the interests and behaviors of each site visitor. Why show a person a shirt when they clearly want to buy pants? In addition, should a visitor only visit your homepage, we will deliver general branding ads that keep your business stay top of mind as they browse the web.

Retargeting Best Practices

At StickyLeads, we constantly refine our techniques and only run ads that are consistent with retargeting best practices as well as our history of campaign success. We make sure that all our ads meet Google’s high standards for display advertising. Each ad effectively achieves relevance and catchiness while avoiding frowned-upon advertising tactics that annoy customers and lower an ad’s quality score.

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