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Google is far and away the dominant search engine, accounting for some two-thirds of all search traffic on the internet. As a result, running ads on Google’s AdWords platform has the potential to connect your business with a substantial number of prospects every day. AdWords allows advertisers to target users with considerable accuracy – which also makes effectively targeting and managing an AdWords campaign time-consuming and challenging. At StickyLeads, we have a thorough understanding of the AdWords platform, take the time to understand our clients’ ideal customer profiles, and create AdWords campaigns that generate revenue opportunities.

The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.

Identifying Searcher’s Intent
Like all platforms, Google AdWords has its complexities to navigate, making success more difficult for some campaigns over others. For example, standard ads on the AdWords platform are text only, meaning your ad copy’s keywords must closely match a searcher’s intent. StickyLeads knows how to make your AdWords campaign convert to actual leads.
Precision Targeting
At StickyLeads, we understand how to leverage AdWords’ advanced feature set to refine the targeting of your buyers. Our keyword research shows search terms by volume and cost. We identify the keywords that are converting and target them. In addition, we target searchers across a wide variety of attributes including location, language, device, and remarketing lists.
Optimized Performance
We are obsessed with achieving higher performance (getting you more leads). We are constantly refining our ads to improve your campaign’s performance. We conduct testing on your AdWords campaign across a variety of factors including ad delivery timing, content, keywords and bidding – all in the name of maximizing your ROI.

AdWords Success

Running a successful business requires a focus on building a great product and delighting your customers. Leave the management of a multi-faceted and finely-tuned Google AdWords campaign to the experts at StickyLeads. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience required to manage effective AdWords campaigns for businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries. If you’re ready to dramatically improve the lead volume in your pipeline, StickyLeads provides a predictable path to your business’ growth. Learn more about how you can leverage the StickyLeads platform to unlock new levels of performance with your Google AdWords campaign.

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