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The StickyLeads Platform was built for you: the business that’s focused on generating new leads. Our platform unites human expertise in paid search strategy with a streamlined technology suite. We manage your campaign and measure ROI using our call tracking and real-time lead reporting solution. We will determine the optimal mix of ad types, develop an audience profile, and a define a unique approach for targeting the right buyers at the right time. From creation to deployment, we are experts in the strategy and execution of multiple digital advertising products, including Google AdWords, mobile ads, product listing ads, display ads, social media ads, and more.


The amount businesses spend on paid search in 2017.

Google AdWords

Google is by far the most popular search engine, with some 30+ billion search queries each month. A well-managed Google AdWords campaign is capable of reaching millions of potential customers. But you might not need that. At StickyLeads, we use precision targeting techniques to ensure the most effective spend so we can target ads that drive a revenue opportunity.

Facebook Ads

While Facebook boasts more than 1 billion active users, it’s the power of Facebook’s Lookalike Audience technology that StickyLeads harnesses for your benefit. At Stickyleads, we take the time to fully understand your products and services in order to identify the character traits of your ideal customers and match them to a Facebook audience profile.

Mobile Ads

In 2016, mobile web browsing accounted for more internet traffic than desktop browsing for the first time in history. As a result, advertising techniques that assume desktop browsing behavior are missing a significant number of opportunities. Stickyleads creates ads that are optimized for mobile devices, using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster loading times and reduced bounce rates. We also use click-to-call to increase the ease of communication with prospects and clients.

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are Google’s shopping ads that focus on product queries rather than specific keywords. These ads can be extremely effective and will drive customers who are looking for your products directly to your site. At StickyLeads, we understand how Google decides which ads are shown in response to search queries.

Display Ads

Display advertising serves ads that appear on websites other than your own. This includes banner ads, videos, textual ads, and retargeting ads. The team at Stickyleads uses sophisticated techniques to ensure your ads are only displayed to an audience that meets your buyer’s profile. We target consumers based on many characteristics that influence spending behavior, including interests and demographics, as well as their past engagement activity with your brand.

Client Login & Reporting

The StickyLeads Platform offers clients a centralized reporting portal, saving you the time and effort it takes to manage multiple logins and campaigns. We report on various ad performance metrics, but most importantly, we track results. Going beyond the number of calls, chats, and form submissions, we monitor each sales call and qualify whether the call, chat, or form submission is a valid revenue opportunity. This actionable data allows us how to refine ad placement and maximize your campaign’s ROI.

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