Social Media has never been more accessible than it is today. For instance, over 3.8 billion people use the internet, and more than 2.4 billion are active on social media. These numbers are expected to increase every day, which means that if you own a business, you need to be involved in social media. By utilizing social media advertising, it’s possible to increase your overall sales and generate awareness about your brand. Keep reading further to learn some valuable social media advertising tips.

Social Media Advertising Tips

If you’re using social media to your advantage, then you are already on the right path. For instance, more than 10% of sales representatives have successfully made five or more sales due to being active on social media.

Work With Social Media Influencers

Your social media presence is essential, but you can collaborate with social influencers to increase sales. Essentially, your business can access that loyalty base by reaching out to influencers with a large following. In reality, about 49% of consumers depend on an influencer’s recommendations and will usually purchase a particular product after seeing it on their social media account. So, ask them to promote your brand and give an honest review of your products in exchange for discount codes or free samples.

Incentivize Engagement with Your Brand

This strategy isn’t used as much, but it should be, as it directly engages with your customer base. For example, if you offer incentives for participation rather than clicks on ads, you can build a community around your brand that people love. Here are a few ideas:

  • Reward comments, reviews, or answer other customer’s questions
  • Build a reward system for people who engage a lot in the community and give them discounts
  • User-generated content could be rewarded with one-time discounts

Keep Up with and Use the Latest Trends

Basing content promotions on seasonal events isn’t the way to be successful anymore. Instead, you need to craft creative campaigns around popular trends. For instance, if you are into the world of Pokémon, then utilize Pokémon-related posts to help generate hype about your product. In addition, it’s essential to put out your content quickly during active trends because they quickly fade away.


Effectively utilizing social media advertising takes experience to do it well. Unfortunately, the process can have a steep learning curve. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the specifics, perhaps it’s best to let a marketing professional like StickyLeads help out. As a Google Premier Partner, our team of experts is ready to recommend advertising that will help grow your business. Leads count more than clicks, and our work will focus on the metrics that matter to get you sales. With Sticky Leads, there is no long-term contract or recurring charges. Call us at 757-390-0748 and see what we can do for you.