Online marketing and advertising can be challenging for many small businesses. As a local business owner, would you like more people to see and interact with your brand? Raise your chances of conversion? Have your brand pop up on the first page of search engine results? If your answer to all these is yes, you need pay per click marketing.

Using PPC For Your Local Business

PPC is a modern form of online marketing that makes an advertiser pay a fee each time anyone clicks on their ads. Here are some of what pay per click marketing does for you:

As an advertiser, you can choose your ad budget, target your local audience, generate valuable leads, attain a higher conversion rate, and dominate your area of business.

After launching a PPC campaign, advertisers can expect immediate results in the amount of traffic generated on their website coupled with a surge in online visibility and awareness.

Dominating Your Area With Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you know those ads that pop up while you’re using Google search? Well, a business owner like yourself initiated them. As a result, those ads are viewed by a large audience of Google search users. Now, imagine what your sales margin will look like if only a fraction of those ads turn into sales. Can your business use that boost? Fortunately, with a good PPC marketing campaign from experts like StickyLeads, you can dominate your local market.

Google AdWords vs. PPC

Google Adwords is one of the most robust PPC platforms. You can set up ads and connect them to your website. That way, when a user searches for something relevant to your ad placement, an offer pops up just in time and connects the user to your website with one click.

It’s worth noting that the probability of your ad appearing and converting will depend on questions like:

  • How relevant is your ad landing page?
  • How relevant is your ad to the user’s search term?
  • What’s the ranking position of your ad, i.e., Quality score?

Your bid price on the keyword(s) is another factor that Google takes into consideration. Online marketing is broad; luckily, you can still have the upper hand even if you focus on pay-per-click marketing. But you have to do it right if you’re going to see the results.


Why not let professionals help you dominate your local market? StickyLeads can handle your demanding target audience research, set up your local campaign using Google AdWords, and guide you through the tips and tricks for high conversion. Contact us today at 757-390-0748 – we’ll be happy to assist you with pay per click marketing.