Paid digital marketing can be a bit of a gamble. Some businesses prefer free marketing resources like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to gain clicks and new customers. Such organic-based marketing is free but can take time and carries risks – the same goes for paid digital marketing like Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so it makes sense to combine the two for the best results.

Digital Paid Marketing:  SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization

SEO works by using keywords in an ad, post, or webpage to improve the chances of appearing early in a web search. Since most people usually only look through the first page of any search, SEO is invaluable to increasing clicks and traffic. SEO can be very effective, but it can take time for search algorithms to pick up on the keywords and additional time for them to work.

Pay Per Click 

Pay Per Click, in contrast, uses paid advertising to ensure advertisements are placed where they are more likely to be clicked. The ads are called PPC because each click on the ad pays the host a small fee. PPC is potentially risky because it balances the cost of the ad click fees hoping that people who click through will generate revenue. While SEO relies on people searching for keywords, PPC relies on the ads appearing in searches, people clicking on the ad, and then generating revenue to offset the cost of the ads.

Using SEO & PPC

To maximize the benefits from paid digital marketing, it makes sense to combine organic marketing strategies like SEO to increase clicks and, thus, growth. SEO can be used with ads and web pages, as long as the right keywords are prominent, and the web host’s algorithm supports SEO-based PPC. Since it’s in the host’s interest to generate money from such clicks, they tend to work well with paid digital marketing combined with SEO.

Combining SEO and PPC isn’t complicated. The same basic principles of keywords and algorithm finagling apply to both. In addition, combining the two helps ensure that ads are seen more frequently. When ads are more frequently seen, they are more frequently clicked on, which translates into more customers and increased revenue. It can be risky to use paid digital marketing, but if the keywords are robust and relevant, growth will occur to offset the costs and speed up the organic development of SEO.


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