Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides businesses with insightful consumer data that facilitates the targeting of new leads and generates conversions. By implementing AI technology in paid marketing, companies can build personalized marketing strategies that result in a better consumer experience, higher click numbers, and conversion rates.

Paid Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Data Analytics

Although AI is still relatively new, this technology already analyzes individual behaviors and delivers personalized online experiences. It can quickly gather data from social media or consumers’ Google searches, for example, to define their location, goals, needs, interests, and more.

What are the top uses of AI for businesses? Data analytics, content creation, and content optimization. AI helps them build a more accurate buyer persona and identify the best content that would resonate with their audience. At the same time, it identifies content gaps and opportunities and analyzes top-performing content and campaigns. In short, AI generates insights for better-performing content and ads.

Artificial intelligence helps businesses make better decisions based on data and unlock new revenue opportunities with highly targeted ads and content campaigns.

Targeted PPC Ads and Content Creation

Paid digital marketing represents around 40 percent of businesses’ total marketing budget. In addition, the market research company eMarketer predicts that pay-per-click (PPC) ad spending will reach over $258 billion in 2022. So, how can businesses take advantage of AI to outrun the competition? With AI’s fast consumer analysis, companies can create meaningful paid marketing strategies with the tools and insights. This technology generates the right keywords and content for PPC ads and automates the placement and bidding process.

AI automation saves companies time and money by monitoring ads performance, identifying better opportunities, and automatically bidding on them. The technology uses algorithms that consider the value of each keyword, enhancing ad performance, creating and placing ads, and testing ad copy. The result? More traffic to businesses’ websites, more clicks in PPC ads due to its placement in highly targeted, impactful touchpoints, and less time spent on administrative tasks.

Future Developments

The advancement of AI technology will continually permeate online interactions. Therefore, businesses should keep a close eye on the technology’s developments and implement it in their brand marketing strategies since the competition is probably doing it too.

AI’s valuable insights and automation fuel businesses’ paid marketing tactics delivering superior return on investment (ROI). However, keep in mind that machines can’t substitute for the human touch in marketing, and that has its weight when building relationships with consumers.


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