Whether a business is small, medium, or corporate-sized, it needs to be effectively marketed to succeed. There are many different marketing techniques, but two of the more effective are SEO and PPC. But how can a business owner or manager decide which paid search strategy to try on a tight marketing budget? Let’s compare the differences between these two marketing methods to see the best choice for your business.

How SEO Can Work for a Business

Most people already know that SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization” but may not fully understand how it works. It’s a technique utilized to drive traffic to a website from familiar search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It can be tricky to figure out how to do it, and many small companies may need to hire experts to assist. SEO focuses on natural or organic results from keywords that a potential client will type into a search engine. This process is in direct contrast to directed or paid traffic, which charges for advertising.

How PPC Can Work for Business

PPC means “Pay Per Click” and can be set up through various advertising services on Facebook, Google, or Amazon ads. The basic process is – a small ad and link showcasing the pertinent business is displayed during a visit to a website where a customer is searching for specific products. If the search relates to the business, the ad will show in their search results. While there is no charge if viewers skip past the ad, the business is charged a fee if they click on it. PPC offers a more direct way to capture the attention of paying customers than SEO.

Which is Better: PPC or SEO?

Now that you better understand the difference between PPC and SEO, the information can help better market your business. PPC can be an effective way to direct your company’s services to potential paying clients. However, SEO is beneficial because most people utilize search engines to look up information and services daily from their smart devices.

We recommend that a business of any size utilize both marketing techniques at once – SEO and PPC – to help your business gain recognition and grow in a busy but thriving online market. Both methods are great for what they can do, albeit in different ways. If you’re seeking the best results for your business, then basically, you’ll need to do both.


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