Several fundamental truths apply to every business. First, products and services are every company’s lifeline. Second, every business has a brand and brand reputation matters. But what is the importance of reputation to an organization, and how can reputation management services help?

Reputation Management Services

What is Reputation?

Reputation is how customers, society, employees, stakeholders, and the public view a company or individual. Reputation is relatively abstract; thus, it is measured on a qualitative scale ranging from good to bad. Since reputation is based on opinion, different factors influence reputation, including actions, statements, associations, social media, third-party commentary, and Google search results.

The Importance of Good Reputation

In this era of the internet, a good reputation is vital to your business. Reputation spreads like wildfire on the internet. Take a look at your marketing strategy, for example. You have a paid team who buys ads on multiple mediums, from print to digital to broadcast to display. Your PR team sends out press releases to drum up interest in your products and services. You then invest in quality public relations to get top-notch brand mentions.

All these efforts drive consumers to Google. What the potential customers discover on Google shapes their opinion of your brand. If it is in line with your brand and positive messaging, you amplify your marketing efforts. However, off-brand, irrelevant, or negative Google results can cause your return on investments to decline.

Brand Perception

Online reputation will affect your offline brand perception. While it is easy to dismiss what happens online as unimportant to your daily operations, your online reputation significantly affects offline brand perception. Half of the consumers question your brand’s competency if you have negative reviews. In addition, 95% of customers browse online, searching for ratings and reviews before committing to a purchase, which means if you have negative reviews and low ratings, you will most likely lose the client.

Company Reputation

Even job seekers are wary of companies with bad reputations. The majority (69%) of job seekers would choose to remain jobless than take a job in a company with a bad reputation. More than 50% of executives believe that reducing unfavorable search results drives up revenue growth.

Seek Help

Online brand reputation is crucial as it impacts real-life behavior. For this, it is essential to seek reputation management services if you are worried about declining profits. Company reputation is a critical asset. Reputation management services providers understand that search results are curated by algorithms that use hundreds of ranking signals. These companies know how to leverage these signals and influence what appears for your brand’s search queries improving your reputation.


How’s your company’s reputation? Could it be improved? StickyLeads can help. Our reputation management services will guide you through handling a slump in sales due to bad reviews or how to boost your brand’s perception. Contact us at 757-390-0748 and see what we can do for you.