Though some may malign the content, Twitter remains a viable and valuable social media marketing tool. Like any tool, however, it’s only effective if used properly. To use Twitter effectively, it’s essential to make the most of the medium’s unique feature – the speed of content release to the audience. The downside to this is that tweets can be read and forgotten within hours, possibly even minutes. For a Twitter marketing strategy to work, it must be effective.

Social Media Marketing

Brand Identity

The easiest way to make sure people remember content from an individual or company is through brand identity. Robust brand recognition gives the media staying power that keeps it in the audience’s minds, spreading the word to slower-paced media for a more prolonged lasting impact.

Audience Engagement

Engagement with the audience is critical. This engagement is a key point of Twitter, as the fast-paced nature forces people to react quickly to save or share content. By engaging with the audience, the material is retained, and brand awareness is strengthened. The two go together very well, helping to bolster a Twitter-based social media marketing strategy.

Visual Media

Visual media can help a great deal to increase engagement and brand awareness. Photos, images, and videos included with a tweet can help boost interest and long-lasting engagement with content as it gets shared across other media. That means the content will stick around longer than Twitter’s frantic pace typically allows.


For such content to truly engage and have lasting power, it needs to be authentic and carefully crafted to support the brand image. Stock photos, images, or videos should be avoided at all costs because they turn off people with their fake, ham-fisted nature. Content meant to improve engagement and brand identity should be genuine and carefully crafted. Such content takes time and money, of course, but the quality assures better results than lazy stock efforts could.

Twitter offers a unique way to engage with audiences and spread brand identity and content. That content is quickly forgotten, though, so it needs to have an impact that ensures it lasts in people’s minds and along the many pathways of the internet. This method will ensure that the tweets sent out get the audience’s attention and keep them in people’s minds long after the initial post on Twitter.


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