Engaging visitors on your website is key to converting those visitors into customers.  Turning visits into money is the goal of a business website.  Whether you are selling products or services, attracting paying customers is how to grow a business.  A website can only do that if your homepage is finetuned to attract the people who are the ideal customers for your business.  Its been shown that homepages have less than 7-seconds to engage visitors leading to website conversions, or visitors move on.  

Website Conversion Test

A business’s website homepage has 7-seconds to answer these three critical questions about the company:

  • What is the business? 
  • Why should the visitor care?
  • What is the next step?

Homepage Purpose

A visitor may have seen an advertisement for your product or service.  They go to your homepage to see what kind of business you are. You have to use that visit to the homepage to:

  • Clarify the benefits of choosing your company
  • Establish trust with the customer
  • Direct the visitor on the next step to take

The information should be directed towards your customer avatar.  A customer avatar is defined as a detailed profile of your ideal customer.  The more complex, the better.  Know the gender, age group, education level, type of language used, their beliefs, how they think, their priorities, etc.  This thorough research will allow you to get into their heads, connect quickly, and give them what they need.  

Homepage Types

Depending on your business, your customer base may be broad or narrow.  When you have done the work to develop your customer avatar, you have a few choices on the type of homepage your business needs.  There are three main types of homepages.

Consumption.  This type of homepage is designed to maximize the visitor’s time on the page.  Media companies primarily use these.  The page is full of articles to read.  Some bloggers use this type of homepage.

Transactional.  This homepage has a distinct call to action (CTA).  The business wants the customer to act before leaving the page, such as signing up for a free trial.  Most companies use this type of homepage.  A standard CTA is to request the visitor’s email address to receive a discount or coupon.

Categorical.  This homepage is used for businesses that have two distinct customer avatars.  A company that buys and sells things may use this type of homepage.  The homepage will sort the buyers from the sellers and direct them to the appropriate parts of the website dealing with their different needs.


As you can see, if you want a homepage that results in a high rate of website conversions, there has to be some deliberate thought and work done before the homepage is created.  StickyLeads can help.  Our experts can take you through the process and develop a homepage that will help your business grow.  Contact us at 757-390-0748 and see what we can do for you.