When brainstorming the tactics to implement in your digital marketing strategy, Google Ads shouldn’t be left out. Every day, people turn to Google to find solutions for their problems or look for products to buy. Statista shows that as of October 2020, there were more than 267 million unique U.S. visitors to Google.

Google Ads and Searches

Getting a website to rank high organically on Google is difficult when starting a new business. According to Google, the platform’s search algorithms look at many factors when ranking a page, such as query words, relevance and usability of pages, and others. Therefore, Google Ads can help businesses break through the crowd the next time their target audience conducts a Google search. In this article, you’ll learn what Google Ads is and get a quick overview of how it works.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a platform that provides businesses with a set of powerful tools to help enterprises generate ads that can build and increase brand awareness, generate leads, drive up engagement and visits to its online store, and much more.

These ads are very similar to organic search results. In addition, they can be placed on Google and its partners’ websites. So how can you implement this tactic to help your business stand out online?

How Can Your Business Advertise on Google?

First, create a free Google Ads account for your business. Then, define your target audience and the relevant keywords they’d use to search for your product or service. After that, configure the settings of your ads campaign, optimizing your Quality Score and the bid amount.

The Quality Score tells how good your ad is compared to other businesses. Google Ads runs an auction for every search result and decides which ads will show on the results page; the bid amount puts your business in the auction. However, simply bidding doesn’t ensure your business appears in the top results every time. Instead, you’ll pay for results, usually when someone clicks on your ad, which can be relatively suitable for your budget.

The ads can also take many formats; it’ll all depend on the type of campaign your business needs to implement – Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads, and Video ads. To learn more about each one, visit the Google Ads official page or the Google Ads Academy.

Finally, make sure to set aside one hour per week to audit your Google Ads campaigns, optimizing your business’ ads to achieve better performance and results.

Google Ads is a cost-effective tool that helps businesses create a customizable ads campaign to reach their audience effectively. Creating tailored ads, setting the ideal budget, targeting a specific location, and indicating preferred devices are some of the many configurations available. Google Ads ensures businesses can build a strong ad campaign, monitor their performance in real-time, and get the best results for brand awareness, sales, and much more.


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