Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of several online marketing and advertising strategies and avenues. The internet is awash with such strategies and models, and they all have their pros and cons. PPC is one of the more common methods, but it does have a cost. Still, if properly planned for, pay per click marketing can provide actual, tangible results for any marketing strategy, regardless of the size of the business or service involved.

Pay Per Click: What Is It?

As the name implies, Pay Per Click works by charging for every click on an ad. PPC is Google-based, so whenever someone clicks on a Google PPC ad, Google gets some money. This system naturally poses some risk for the one who posts the ad because there’s no telling in advance how much the clicks will cost. But, on the other hand, the ad can result in a lot of people clicking through to a landing page or shopping site, which can mean plenty of new revenues, business, or clients. Budgeting for PPC marketing can be tricky yet has the potential for generating high revenues.

Who Uses It?

Plenty of sites can use PPC services – freelance workers, local shops, and major companies. With tens of millions of people using Google, the market is there if the ad grabs their attention. When it comes to Google ads, sophisticated ads are more likely to be seen by searchers. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure ads are focused and agree with Google’s algorithm to boost results.

How Does It Work?

Ads that the algorithm responds to are more likely to be seen and thus more likely to be clicked. So it’s not just enough to make an ad or even several ads and hope for the best. The ads need to be well designed and thought out to ensure that people click them and spend an extended time on the landing page. Ads that don’t generate clients and sales are wasted money.

Is It for Every Business?

Pay per click may not be for every company because it does create issues with budgeting. Knowing how many people will click an ad, and thus how much it will cost, can be conjectured, but knowing the final cost is impossible until the bill arrives. Still, if the ads are strong, clicks will result in revenue, making the expenses and guesses well worth the effort.


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