When it comes to online advertisement marketing, quality is paramount. Some might say that quantity is a quality all its own. Still, when it comes to paid advertising, the expenses can easily outweigh the new clients and clicks generated from marketing. Not only do the ads need to be good, but the landing page those links lead to also needs to be of high quality. The landing page is the first real experience with a brand, product, or service that many people have. The ads might give a peak, but the landing page is a complete, proper introduction. For that introduction to be successful, it helps for a landing page to have a quality score.

Online Advertisement Marketing: Quality Scores

Quality score is the technical term for how relevant keywords and ads are to the target audience. This score helps gauge how useful certain ads, keywords, and even the landing page are. Such information is invaluable for budgeting and online advertising marketing purposes. Of course, marketers aren’t the only ones who make use of such information. Search engines and social media platforms also use the data to help set rates for clicks and ads loaded to their sites.

Score Parameters

Google Ads started using quality score metrics, and now others can use that same information to boost sales and get the most value possible from their advertising and landing pages. Quality and relevance are significant components of a quality score, but they’re not the only ones. The ad click-through rate, post-click engagement, and recent clicks are essential factors determining a quality score.

Though those are the general parameters for determining a quality score, they’re not quantified the same way. That’s because different platforms measure the quality score differently. For example, Google ads include fast loading times for landing pages. Microsoft Advertising uses similar parameters but doesn’t track the data as efficiently. Facebook Advertising puts a lot of emphasis on relevancy. Twitter looks at the ads themselves. Finally, LinkedIn looks at the big picture, as expected from such a site dedicated to businesses interacting well.

Target Your Audience

Regardless of the online advertising marketing platform chosen, a quality score is still important. Making sure ads cater to the different scoring models of various sites might take effort, but that effort will be worth it when those ads create more clients and customers. As long as the quality score is high, the business should grow to reflect that high score.


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