The world of digital marketing can be confusing and overwhelming—especially for a new business. The internet is littered with all kinds of advice and opinions (often conflicting) regarding which online advertising marketing techniques work and those that don’t.

But with the success and growth of the business at risk, business owners must find a way to sift through the noise and choose the best online ad platform to drive the brand forward. But how?

Online Advertising Marketing

Here are some steps to help you figure out where to invest your hard-earned marketing funds for the best possible results.

Identify the Target Audience

Who is the ideal customer? What are their age, gender, and other demographic details? What is their education level? What about their disposable income? The idea is to narrow down and build an audience profile that is as accurate as possible. This research makes the online-marketing decision easier.

Define the Goals of the Online Advertising Marketing

Every marketer and business owner wants to drive sales by attracting the right customers. But to be successful, it’s essential to have a well-defined goal. For example, it can include offering customer support, building relationships with the audience, or driving brand recognition. In short, find a way to make online Ad platforms work for the brand.

Find the Right Ad Platform

With adequate knowledge of the target audience and how the product ties in with the online advertising marketing goals, it’s time to consider how some major online ad platforms match.

Google Ads: According to industry data, 9 out of 10 online users run internet searches via Google. So virtually every demographic is represented. People on the platform also have a high purchase intent—resulting in relatively costly ads. This platform is ideal for businesses looking for high conversion rates to drive sales.

Facebook Ads: Facebook is a great social media marketing platform for users of all ages. Businesses looking to create exposure/recognition or establish a strong brand awareness would benefit from investing resources into the platform. But remember that Facebook users have a low purchase intent.

Instagram Ads: Looking to highlight the beauty of a brand? Do the business target millennials and young people? Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your brand with compelling visual ads—especially for B2C businesses.

LinkedIn Ads: Thanks to a user base of business professionals and industry leaders (i.e., decision-makers), LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B online advertising marketing efforts. It mainly works best as a place to drive conversations and build credibility.


In sum, the right online Ad platform depends on the nature of your business, marketing goals, and the target audience. When you finally arrive at a perfect platform, we have the experience and expertise to help you launch an effective online advertisement marketing campaign. For more on the topic, feel free to contact StickyLeads at 757-390-0748.