Did you know that the most critical part of your advertising is finding the right keywords? But how do you find the right keywords, and how do you manage them after you find them?


One of the easiest ways to jumpstart your discovery process and keyword research is to use a keyword generator. However, finding the keywords is not the end. You now have a bunch of keywords, but you also need to expand on that. Continue searching for the most relevant long-tail keywords for your advertising campaign. You also have to focus on eliminating keywords that aren’t effective for your campaign.

Successful PPC campaigns rely on significant keyword research. A winning strategy includes choosing the right keywords that most likely result in increasing clicks and conversions.


The starting point for your keyword research should be the website landing page, where the ads will be linked. Scan every page and get relevant keywords from the content. If you have a website with well-written content, there should be enough content to put together a list of relevant keywords related to your products and services.

During the brainstorming stage, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Ask what kind of words and queries a customer might type to bring them to your website.

Start with the broad keywords moving to the more specific ones, and include synonyms and variations in your keywords list. Search engines will sometimes make connections between related terms though not always, so it’s better to include them.

Go for keywords that relate to your products and services to attract customers interested in whatever you are selling.

Keyword Research Tools

Once you have several keywords for your PPC campaign, you can use the keyword research tools at your disposal. These tools will help you refine your keywords list by determining the keywords to keep and the ones to let go. The brainstorming stage is more of going with your gut, and as good as it is, it is not enough. Keyword research tools help you zero in on the keywords and terms people are mostly typing into the search engines.

When searching for keywords, consistency counts. You won’t discover every keyword the first time. Iterate on your keyword research and be consistent. Spend at least 15% of your ad management time on keyword research. Over time, you get more robust and more relevant keywords.

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