Search engines like Google constantly change the format of their search functions and paid advertisements. You cannot stay static in your approach to how you market your company and products. If you do, you will find yourself left behind, leads and profits standing still, or even worse, declining. Below we will talk about the current pay-per-click trends you should be paying attention to and one of the best home services PPC marketing companies out there, StickyLeads.

Current Trends for 2021

Adopting some of the trends below will ensure you generate leads and drive customers to your website. Without visibility online, it is impossible to expect continued success for your business. Right now, there is a big transition in how ads are being generated for online search engines. Here are five of the top trends to incorporate into your marketing:

Ads Data Hub – Allows tailoring of the marketing measurement approach and will help marketers understand the effectiveness of advertisements by providing comprehensive reporting and measurements. Additionally, knowing the effectiveness of ads placed helps with advertising budget decisions.

Voice Search – 50% of consumers will use voice shopping by 2022. Therefore, mobile-friendly voice search campaigns that are conversational style, mobile-friendly, and question-oriented are key.

Targeted Ad Messaging – Focus on knowing your customers instead of just following data. Use creative targeted copy to interact with and bring the audience closer to your brand and increase engagement.

Less Data – Online search engines are now restricting access to search data. Marketers must adjust and utilize fragmented data to pinpoint the signal from the noise.

PPC Automation – Using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools have caused the automation of the search engine’s ad workload. As a result, automation streamlines PPC campaigns for companies.


If you would like to put these trends to work for you and want to know they are implemented correctly, you should work with a team like StickyLeads for home services PPC marketing. We can design custom ads that target users by location, online search behavior, and several other factors. We can help you stay on top of things like search and paid ads that constantly change. Contact us at 757-390-0748 and see what we can do for you.