Pay Per Click (PPC) can be an effective marketing strategy that helps various businesses and services increase their customer base and thus their revenue. However, successful home services PPC marketing depends on understanding how PPC works and interacts with the various components of the strategy.

How PPC Works

PPC works through Google Ads. Whenever someone clicks the ad, Google gets paid a small fee. The location the ad links to is usually called a landing page and can be any site designated by the ad’s owner. For example, the home page for a website or blog is often a landing page, but it can be a storefront, About Us page, and the like.

Optimized Landing Page

For ad clicks to result in more views, likes, customers, clients, and purchases, it’s essential to have an optimized landing page. A strong landing page will ensure those clicks become revenue. To best optimize the landing page, it’s a good idea to create a dedicated page for that purpose. While any page can do the job, a page designed specifically to follow the click-through ad is more likely to grab and hold the clicker’s attention.

One way to do this is to mimic aspects of the ad and expand upon them. Building on the ad is a straightforward method that helps the viewer form mental links and connects the ad and the page. That means copying the tagline, which needs to be relevant and direct to get the point across. It also needs to be short. The tagline can be expanded on the landing page, but first, it needs to grab people to get them there.

The imagery helps, too. The ad will almost certainly have persuasive graphics to generate clicks. Likewise, the landing page needs compelling imagery, but don’t overdo it to look cluttered and busy.

The Right Combination

The PPC-landing page combination can be a powerful one, but both have to be top quality and direct in their goals for it to work. The ad needs to be compelling and intriguing. The landing page needs to be direct and persuasive as well. A dedicated, optimized landing page that expands on the ad is vital to ensure clicks from ads become customers and clients. Combine that with an easy-to-navigate website, and the accrued revenue should easily make up for the cost of the ad clicks.


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