For most business people scaling of any kind may seem very straightforward. With PPC campaigns, it may look as simple as adding a few parameters and adjusting the budget accordingly. But is it?

Google AdWords: Scaling

Running geo-targeted, local PPC campaigns on Google AdWords is a no-brainer to most people. When done well, a positive return on investment (ROI) is to be expected. However, watching a previously successful campaign lose all its profitability when attempting to scale is very disheartening. By implementing proper strategies and tools, running a Google AdWords campaign in many locations with multiple ads can succeed without ROI ever taking a hit.

Having Location-Specific Ad Groups

It is crucial to have a breakdown of your campaigns. With these geo-focused ad categorizations, it is easier to see how different searches perform in various locations. In addition, with this step-back view of the campaign, it becomes much more intuitive to determine what needs optimization. The overall result is a scaling effort that works best for the business.

Having Keyword Themes

Have a message that matches the search intent of the paid audience in the Google AdWords PPC campaign. Then, incorporate the buyer’s journey into each theme, with everything taking its overall spot in your blanket PPC strategy.

Has the client made a decision? If so, they should be targeted as people with their minds already made up. If the client is still considering, have a campaign section that targets what the client is searching for. Again, prospects at the very beginning of their journey should be treated differently from the previous two.

Improving on Perceived Potential

Some areas of existing campaigns strategies offer good starting points for scaling. For example, some PPC campaigns may be limited by budget, and a financial injection may be the only thing required to bump up the ROI. Google offers information on campaigns that have a limited budget. Increasing funding and running times for such campaigns is an excellent place to start scaling without negatively affecting ROI.

New Campaigns

Adding new campaigns to an existing strategy allows one to scale without affecting current campaigns directly. Any unimplemented ideas or areas that were not previously marketed can be added, and if successful, become part of the core Google AdWords PPC campaign.


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