With the COVID-19 pandemic crippling economics worldwide, companies are looking wherever they can to reduce overhead costs and stay afloat. As a result, some businesses might consider cutting their advertising costs by reducing or eliminating their paid marketing efforts. While this might save money in the short term, it can be disastrous in the long term. The better solution is to use paid marketing wisely to make it as effective as it can be with minimum expense.

Marketing Tips During COVID

Ad Schedules. Adjusting ad schedules so that they coincide with peak usage times is one excellent way to maximize costs. Ideally, businesses are already doing this, but it often proves a big help, especially for companies willing to reduce ad usage at times with viewer users online.

Maximize Search Results. Maximizing keywords and Search Engine Optimization is also essential. Again, this should already be a priority, but it’s worth noting that algorithms can be fickle. Taking a closer look at the data can reveal underperforming material that can be trimmed without eliminating marketing.

Analyze Data. It’s also worthwhile for companies to analyze those keywords used by the company and how effective they are. This information can help narrow marketing strategies and ensure better performance materials, meaning less advertising material produced and better effect from the marketing content released.

Target Devices. Depending on how involved a company’s marketing strategy is, they might adjust their advertising performance on a device-by-device basis. For example, suppose ads are doing well on phones but not computers. In that case, companies can reduce ad flow on computer-based marketing and maintain phone ads to keep potential customers, and thus business, flowing.

Adapt Advertising Strategy

The strategies for marketing can vary widely depending on the company’s abilities, budget, and scope. Smaller companies especially need to look at their keywords and SEO efforts to ensure that those marketing efforts are working. Larger corporations with the available software can delve deeply into their marketing peak times and views to reduce costs. Smaller companies can still take advantage of similar programs through their primary marketing platforms.

The key is to understand what marketing strategies are proving more effective than others. Less effective methods can be trimmed down to save costs while efforts are focused on marketing that produces results. Knowing when to trim expenses without eliminating them during a crisis can make the difference for a company weathering such financial storms.


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