Content is king. Approximately 8 out of every 10 companies that delve into inbound marketing by turning out quality content see a positive return on investment (ROI). But competition for organic traffic is getting fiercer and smarter by the day. According to HubSpot (2019), the organic reach of Facebook has declined to 2%.

Only Content Marketing?

Merely waiting for SEO to work leaves a business at risk of getting lost in the noise. This is where paid marketing comes into play. The most effective digital advertising strategies often leverage both content marketing and paid marketing.

Paid Marketing

Think of paid advertising as a way to get content in front of the right eyeballs. It allows businesses to elevate their brand by attracting high-quality traffic and obtaining more qualified leads in a relatively short time.

How to Make the Most of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising may be a significant investment, but you’re missing out on free business if you don’t invest. The Google Economic Impact Report estimates that every $1 spent on Google Ads returns $2 in revenue. For companies that are willing to consider paid advertising, here are some useful tips.

Tips for Paid Advertising

The Devil is in the Details: The more detailed the targeting parameters, the better the results. Use both behavior-based targeting (purchase history, search history, etc.) and granular characteristics of the target audience (demographics, location, interests, etc.)

Test the Waters: For marketers or businesses that are not well-versed with paid advertising, it’s best to start with a small campaign—and scale from there. This plan allows a company to understand the ads that best resonate with potential customers.

Choose the Right Advertising Media: Different media have different characteristics. It’s essential to find where the target audience tends to hang out and focus marketing efforts there to optimize results. For example, paid advertising for a food sharing app targeting Millennials will return the best results from a platform like Instagram.

Don’t Skimp on Retargeting: Paid advertising is a great and effective way to retarget prospects who interact with a company organically but may lose them on sales.

Make Use of KPIs: How has an ad contributed to actual sales and store visits? What is the ROI? Does the marketing campaign generate enough leads? Measuring the success of marketing efforts using KPIs and analytic tools helps businesses modify and improve their ROI strategies.

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